Do You Work With Entrepreneurs?

Thank you to Entrpreneur Magazine and Serenity Gibbons for highlighting Overflow as a top Marketing Agency specializing in working with Entrepreneurs!

We love working in the trenches with business owners — often Michigan based — and helping them enjoy the freedom and stability that comes with a predictable grown system (aka a digital lead generation funnel).

Overflow’s best-fit clients are Entrepreneurs at the helm of stable, but hungry companies seeking more growth. Our model is to create predictable growth by leveraging digital marketing to scale your effective sales and relationship building processes to new audiences.

Do You Work With Start-Ups?

Often, people ask if we work with start ups? I generally say, “No.”

That’s only partially true. It’s not that we refuse to work with companies that are new, or pre-profit, it’s that building a growth system is a long term investment. Start ups are often searching for quick and dirty paths to growth even if they aren’t scalable or sustainable.

Custom built growth strategies can take 3-6 months to implement and optimize to profitability, so if a company is likely to pivot at a moments notice it’s best to revisit the idea of systemized growth in the future and start by putting boots on the pavement, or making cold calls. Those methods aren’t as scalable, but their hands on nature helps them deliver an amazing amount of knowledge about your market.

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