Giving Facebook Ads Account Access to An Agency Partner

After copying the same information many times to clients we figured it was time to create a post to share the easiest steps for granting an agency access to your Facebook Ads Account.

First, visit If necessary, select the Business Manager where your ad account is located.

Next, select "Business Settings" from the Business Manager drop down menu. There may also be a blue Business Settings button at the top right that will take you to the same place.

Facebook Business Manager Business Settings

Once on the Business Settings screen, select "Ad Accounts" in the left menu.

Facebook Business Settings Ad Account



Then on the right click the, "Assign Partners" button at the top.



Finally click Business ID and enter the ID# provided to you by the agency.

Assign Partner Business ID

There are 3 levels of Facebook Account access you can provide. Select the appropriate level using the toggle switches as you add your Facebook Ads Agency Partner.

  • Ad account admin [Manage Ad Account]: Admins can create, edit and view ads, access reports, edit payment methods and manage admin permissions.
  • Ad account advertiser [Manage Campaigns]: Advertisers can see and edit ads and set up ads using the payment method associated with the ad account. They can also view the payment method.
  • Ad account analyst [View Performance]: Analysts can view ads and access reports.

Facebook Ads Account Access Levels

Alternatively, if for some reason the above doesn't work, you can send us your ad account ID number and we can request access externally.

For tips on finding your ad account ID, visit Finding Your Ad Account ID on

Once we notify you that we've submitted the request, you can login and approve our request.

That's it! Here's to success with your new agency and crushing Facebook Ads.