How Do I Grow My Business After COVID?

What process do you use to make decisions about business growth?

Gut feel and taking action will get you 80% of the way to success. The last steps hide in the data. 

If you are deciding, “Where do we go from here?” and trying to get the most from limited resources, use these three practices to lock in consistent growth:

Track Analytics – know if marketing/sales are successful (or not), and act accordingly

Automate Repetition – leverage technology to focus human interaction where it’s most likely to increase conversion

Build Lists – social channels are a start, but grow lists you own and control like CRM, email and text message

At Overflow, we practice what we preach. As of 2020, every retainer client gets a live analytics dashboard to track website conversions, email performance, social media engagement and leads generated, at a glance. #GetYourDataUp

PS: I wrote this to myself. We took on short term projects during COVID because we weren’t sure if the $#!* would hit the fan. 😳 What’s next for us is refocusing on the clients we can serve at the highest level: established businesses who want to increase leads and improve the three practices listed above.

If your company falls into that category, sign up for a complimentary growth plan to see how we can help.