Your USP is how you increase your profits

You Are Losing Without A Winning USP

A well-crafted Unique Selling Proposition (USP) will increase your closing percentage exponentially. It will also get rid of price objections, and highlight exactly who you should sell to.

A USP is the Key to Growing Your Business.

Maybe you already have a unique value proposition. Did you know there’s a way to take your sales effectiveness to an even higher level?

I recently read one of Internet Marketer Brad Campbell’s blog posts and it inspired me to write what follows. Combining Brad’s wisdom on ‘ who to sell to’ with a solid USP can transform your business.

“Your job is not to convince the entire world they need what you’re selling, but rather, to convince the crazy psychos who already know they want what you’re selling to buy it from you.” – Brad Campbell

Your USP is how you increase your profitsStop selling to everyone, and focus on effective ways to communicate with your best customers. Your time spent selling will decrease and your closing percentage will explode.

Level Up to Increase Sales

Brad’s article discusses the levels to selling. The lower levels include features and benefits, but the top and most influential level is the psychological layer. He’s speaking to a network marketing or multi-level marketing (MLM) audience, but the principle he discusses is universal.

Get past the basic features of the product and transcend to demonstrating how it will change their lives and people will throw their money at you.

Check out this 1 minute commercial entitled ‘The Epic Split’ for an example of attacking the psychological layer in action.

Using the Psychological Trigger Correctly

The psychological layer trigger should be focused on something life changing that highlights the Unique Selling Proposition of the product or service.

If you combine a dramatic demonstration and storytelling that shows–not tells–the unique reason someone should buy from you, you’re golden.

That combination is exactly why ‘The Epic Split’ works. The visual IS epic and memorable, but it’s only effective because of the innovative stability of Volvo’s steering feature.

Someone at Volvo understands this principle, or they wouldn’t have included “This test was set up to demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering”, telling you why you should care about the stunt.

Without that additional text, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s split is memorable, but the trucks are quite forgettable.

Now, imagine you are a truck driver. When you drive a truck for 15 hours a day, the comfort of a ride that smooth is literally life changing.

How do you find the Psychological Layer?

One tip for getting to a psychological layer is to sell past the product. Don’t sell the features and benefits, instead sell beyond that to how you feel when you’re using the product.

How will the product, or the process change a person’s life?

If you want to achieve financial security, the life changing psychological layer benefit is what you sell.

The Psychological Trigger & USP Must Work Together

Your unique selling proposition is the answer to the question, ‘Why should I buy from you instead of doing nothing, or buying from your competitors?’

Many ad agencies are all about fluffy ideas and epic visuals, but after watching a commercial they’ve created you might remember the category but not the company.

How many gleaming luxury cars have you seen racing through the mountains across glistening pavement? The makes and models might as well be interchangeable.

Those commercials lack both a unique element, and a psychological layer benefit. So, I can drive fast and the car handles well? Whoop dee doo! Don’t they all do that?

Demonstrate the unique benefit of the product to your core audience, while wowing others to share your ad for the entertainment value and you’ve hit the big leagues!

Your Network Marketing Business Needs A USP

Your USP is the keyThere is dire need for a USP in network marketing. By definition, you’re selling the same products using the same systems, through the same supply chain.

There’s nothing unique about that. If you don’t set yourself apart, you’ll surely fail.

Your USP can be based on your unique qualities as a person, but it can also be about your systems, network and team.

It’s important to set your downline apart from everyone else’s.

Think bigger than the product itself.

Instead of just selling miracle juice, create a group that works to empower young mothers to be financially free.

At that point, the anti-aging glop becomes a vehicle to create financial freedom.

Price is no longer an issue because you’ve sold beyond the product. How can your prospect put a price on unconditional support and financial empowerment?

To my friends at Rodan & Fields who may be reading this, don’t be offended by ‘glop’. It’s an intentionally lackluster term coined by marketing legend Dan Kennedy for separating the product from the desired outcome.

The product and formula of what you’re selling may be amazing, but the prospect is actually buying results.

The cream is glop; they are buying beauty.

Your USP Makes Decisions For You

Once you have a working USP in place, the answers to many questions become obvious.

If your organization uniquely empowers young mothers, you shouldn’t be pitching anyone but a young mom with children.

Childcare better be available at every one of your group meetings and conferences. That’s your USP in action.

If I’m a young mother and you’ve firmly established your USP in my mind, I’d feel unfulfilled being a part of any other group.

The higher level benefit of having a support system that understands my needs, and helps me achieve financial freedom transcends the product altogether.

Swap in whatever product you want, and the objective and psychological layer benefits remain the same.

Your USP should trickle down into every aspect of your digital marketing. Each tweet, video and Facebook post should be infused with your USP and psychological layer benefit.

Why Is A USP So Important?

For just about any profession: network marketer, doctor, financial planner, real estate agent… the individuals in each group are all peddling the same thing.

The great ones find a way to differentiate themselves by having stronger market positioning, or a unique technique to deliver results.

Your USP identifies what’s different about you and communicates it so any qualified prospect would feel cheated by buying from anyone but you.

When you don’t find a way to uniquely set what you do apart from everyone else, what you sell is a commodity.

Expect people to shop around looking for the lowest price.

Let’s discuss your USP. What makes your product service or business unique? Can you express that through a life changing psychological layer benefit?

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