Lead Generation Service

Good lead generation is a vending machine, not a slot machine. You should feel confident knowing you'll get exactly what you paid for. Let us do the work of consistently adding leads to your pipeline, so you can focus on running your business.

Ready for a life changing explosion of new leads? 
If so, click the button below to apply for a free growth strategy session. If it's obvious we can help point you in the right direction, we'll hop on a 1 hour call and outline a plan for a digital growth system to create leads on demand for your business.

The Overflow Lead Generation Program

First, we'll sit down and identify what quality lead generation means to you. Then we'll determine how many leads it will take to make a difference in your business.

Second, you will select a monthly payment retainer that fits the number of leads you're looking to generate.

Third, we will constantly optimize a mix of digital marketing methods. Using SEO and other traffic generation methods, we will create a consistent stream of qualified phone and email prospects.

Finally, you will receive special access to the Conversion Automator, which turns email leads into phone calls in under one minute.

The 5 E's of Overflow Leads

Because your lead generation program is configured especially for your business, we can guarantee that the leads will be:

  1. Easy - You don't have to do anything. Just sign up with us and the let the leads flow.
  2. Exclusive - You're the only business getting access to each lead you'll receive.
  3. Educated - The leads contact you pre-qualified, knowing exactly the product or service they want.
  4. Effective - Because they are exclusive and pre-qualified, our leads convert at extremely high rates.
  5. Efficient - No more wasted marketing dollars. You'll only pay for leads you receive.

What's Special About Overflow Leads?

We sell prospects not leads.

Although the industry terminology of 'Lead Generation' is widely known, for many us that term is a misnomer. We actually offer 'Prospect Generation'.

For clarification let's look at the definition of each word. Webster's Dictionary defines a lead as:

something serving as an indication or clue

while a prospect is defined as:

someone or something that is likely to succeed or to be chosen

Which would you prefer, prospects or leads?

Low-level leads are useful and have their place in your sales system, but only once you've exhausted affordable prospects.

Based on those two definitions, you can understand why there is often confusion around lead generation. A 'lead' only promises that a person might be interested, not that they are interested.

A prospect is a person who has taken action showing she is specifically interested in the product or service you offer.

So, although you'll see us refer to our service as Lead Generation. Know that if it turns out that working together would be a good fit, we will help to increase your flow of qualified prospects.

lead generation prospectI Tried Buying Leads But They Didn't Work

If lead generation failed you in the past, it was likely due to poor lead qualification, or a company that generated leads when you were really expecting prospects. By creating a plan specifically for your needs, we know that we're generating exactly the right clients for you.

Over time we will optimize your system to increase both the quality and quantity of leads generated.

How can I tell the difference?

A list of new home buyers is helpful, because a new home purchase is a clue that home services may soon be needed. These are leads for home services clients.

In comparison, a true prospect is much more valuable because she calls a business and says, "I just moved into my new home. Can you have someone come out and give me a landscaping quote?"

Prospects have (or will soon have) money in hand. They're ready to buy if and when your offering is the right fit.

I'm Ready For Growth! How Do I Sign Up?

We look forward to generating Overflow for you. Fill out our discovery application to reserve your position.