Stay Calm: Here’s the Secret Behind Data Privacy Regulation

The Cambridge Analytica scandal delivered a blow that digital marketing will never recover from. That’s a bold assumption, I know… but I promise it’s true. Unless you’ve been living under a (digital) rock, on May 25th, 2018 you witnessed a flood of, “We’ve updated our privacy policy” emails hit your inbox. Those emails were an … Read more

Do You Work With Entrepreneurs?

Thank you to Entrpreneur Magazine and Serenity Gibbons for highlighting Overflow as a top Marketing Agency specializing in working with Entrepreneurs! We love working in the trenches with business owners — often Michigan based — and helping them enjoy the freedom and stability that comes with a predictable grown system (aka a digital lead generation … Read more

Embrace the Abundance Mindset

Embrace Abundance: There’s More Where That Came From

I can’t deal with people that have a scarcity mindset.

I know I’m unfairly judging people, but I can’t help it. When someone shows that they have chosen scarcity over abundance, I politely tune out.

You’re either riding for abundance & prosperity, or scarcity & crabs in a bucket. There’s rarely in between, and both ways of thinking are self-fulfilling.

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Top Strategy for Facebook Ads in 2017

Do This… For Insane Facebook Ad Results in 2017

What if I told you that Facebook advertising doesn’t need to be hard or expensive?

Imagine you could create a steady flow of new customers begging you to provide your service.

By the end of it, they’re singing your praises and happy to be repeat customers. How amazing would that be?

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Jay Abraham Marketing Power Parthenon

The Essential Guide to Measuring Your Marketing – Know What Works & Why

What if there was a way to tell exactly which part of your marketing strategy is working? Or a formula to follow to keep you from pouring your budget down the drain? Well, there is. And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this post. We’ll discuss creating a system of repeatable processes that generate results consistently. Over time, … Read more